• An international conference "Education Policy and Culture: Consistent and Radical Transformations" was organized in cooperation with the Department of Educational Sciences and Centre of Pedagogy of Vilnius University. Visit the website of the conference.
  • International conference "Educational Science in the Search of global Identity", presentation The identity Problem of Lithuanian School Curriculum in Contemporary Educational Discourse (Vilnius, Lithuania, 2013) (assoc. prof. dr. T. Bulajeva, PhD student Š. Nagrockaite).
  • International conference "Social Education VII", presentation Socialization in the Times of Loss (Šiauliai, Lithuania, 2013) (assoc. prof. dr. T. Butvilas (MRU, VU), E. Markevičienė (OMEP Lithuania).
  • International conference "Territory in between. Deleuze studies", presentation Concepts of Time and Space in the Philosophy of Education: from Foucault critic toward Deleuze creative practice (Lisbon, Portugal, 2013) (prof. dr. L. Duobliene).
  • International conference "Education at the Crossroads in the Development of Culture and Man: Insights from Meile Luksiene's legacy in education into the Past, Present and Future", presentations Formation of cultural Identity: the Power and Powerlessness of School (prof. dr. L. Duobliene), Meilė Lukšienė - (not)forgotten Historian of Pedagogy (assoc. prof. dr. I. Stonkuvienė) (Vilnius, Lithuania, 2013).
  • International conference "Social Education Theory and Practice: Tendencies, Challenges and Possiblities", presentation Multicultural Consiousness in a Monocultural Space: Lithuanian Youth Case (Vilnius, Lithuania, 2013) (prof. dr. L. Duobliene).
  • International conference "Music and Education in a Cultural Context", presentation The Alternatives of Spirituality in Contemporary Cultural Transmission: Lithuania's case (L. Duoblienė) (Vilnius, Lithuania, 2013).
  • International workshop Sodertorn university, presentation Cultural Identity, Education and Nacional Policy: Lithuanian perspective (Stockholm, Sweden, 2013) (prof. dr. L. Duobliene).
  • International conference "Quality of Education and Training in the Context of Regional and Global Challenges", presentation The Place of History of Pedagogy in the Study Programmes of Higher Education (Klaipėda, Lithuania, 2013) (assoc. prof. dr. I. Stonkuvienė (VU), dr. D. Survutaitė (LEU).
  • International standing conference for history of education (ISCHE) - 35  "Education and Power: historical Perspectives", presentation What did it mean to be a Pioneer? (Riga, Latvia, 2013) (assoc. prof. dr. I. Stonkuviene).


  • International conference INTED 2012 "International Technology, Education and Development Conference" (Valencia, 2012) (assoc. prof. dr. T. Bulajeva).
  • International conference "Social construction of the reality: chances and risks for human communication" (Yerevan, Armenia, 2012) (prof. dr. L. Duobliene).
  • International conference „Internationalization in Education (18th - 20th Centuries)" (Geneve, Switzerland, 2012) (assoc. prof. dr. I. Stonkuviene).
  • International conference "New trends on global education" (Kyrenia, North Cyprus, 2012) (assoc. prof. dr. I. Stonkuviene).
  • International conference "6th International Multi - Conference on Society, Cybernetics and Informatics: IMSCI" (Florida, USA, 2012) (prof. dr. V. Targamadze).



  • International conference on education, research, and innovation ICERI 2011 (Madrid, 2011) (dr. L. Duobliene)


  • International conference "Sustainable development, culture, education. Phenomenological approach" (Paris, 2010) (assoc. prof. dr. L. Duobliene)
  • International conference "Challenges for Science in the context of Globalization" (Vilnius, 2010) (assoc. prof. dr. G. Purvaneckiene)



  • 2nd International Multi-Conference on Society, Cybernetics and Informatics (Orlando, Florida, USA, 2009) (prof. dr. V. Targamadze)
  • International conference "Pedagogy in the Changing Historical Conditions in the 20th Century in the Baltic Countries" (Riga, 2009) (assoc. prof. dr. I. Stonkuviene).
  • International conference "Universities in Central Europe: 20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall" (Banska Bystrica, Slovakia, 2009) (assoc. prof. dr. G. Purvaneckiene)
  • International conference "Sustainable development, culture, education" (Daugavpils, 2009) (assoc. prof. dr. L. Duobliene)
  • International conference "Science and Education of the Epoch of new Revival in the Global Scientific-Educational System" (Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, 2009) (assoc. prof. dr. T. Bulajeva)



  • National conference "The role of reflection and dialogue in values education throught the lesson" (Kaunas, 2008) (assoc. prof. dr. L. Duobliene).




  • On 11-12 November 2005 international conference "Education Policy Transformations: Migration, Borrowings, Glocalization" took place at Vilnius University, Faculty of Philosophy. This conference was organized by the Education Policy Center and Department of Education. Conference programme and other information >>>. OSI Education Conference Education and Open Society: A Critical Look at New Perspectives and Demands. June 30, 2005 - July 2, 2005, Budapest, Hungary

Presentations on education monitoring projects:

  • Comparative and International Education Society's meeting at Stanford University, was held March 22-26, 2005. The convention theme "Beyond Dichotomies" explores thought about the meaning of the many oppositions that is created to discuss education theory and practice. The group of Education Policy Centers, who are conducting education monitoring project on Private Tutoring, supported by OSI ESP, was invited to deliver presentations in a special panel devoted to the issue. Panel at the CIES conference "The Rise of Private Tutoring in Post-Socialist Eurasia"ppt format :
    • An overview of monitoring studies of the new policy network in Eurasia
      Virginija Budiene, Education Support Program, Open Society Institute, Budapest
    • Shadow Education: Findings from the international monitoring study on private tutoring in Eurasia. Iveta Silova, Baku State University, Azerbaijan
    • Private tutoring in Poland
      Elzbieta Putkiewicz, Institute of Public Affairs, Warsaw, Poland
    • Scope, Perspectives, Social and Ethical Implications of Private Tutoring in the Education System of Georgia
      Nino Kutateladze and Anna Matiashvili, International Institute for Education Policy, Planning and Management (EPPM), Tbilisi, Georgia
    • Private Tutoring in Azerbaijan
      Elmina Kazimzade, Center for Inclusive Education, Baku, Azerbaijan
    • Mark Bray (Discussant), Hong Kong University